Eliese is very talented and knowledgeable of dance! Her studio is beautiful, and her classes are so much fun!
Jordan M., Springdale
Dance by Eliese is owned by a true example of inspiration and persistence in a love, sport, passion, and desire for achieving each individual goal ready to share with the world; young, elderly, and everyone in between.
Kristi D., St. Louis
You have given dance, something I was told at a young age I was not built for and should just stop dreaming about, and I can't thank you enough for teaching me to dream again and even giving me the tools to reach for that dream. :)
Olivia H., Elkins
Eliese is amazing! Very passionate, loving, and knowledgable. We are so happy that she's following her heart and living her dream. I'll be happy to answer any questions and further gush over how great of a teacher she is. Even better- ask (my daughter) how much she loves her! ... We've danced with Eliese for four plus years now and she's become an honorary family member. Her love and encouragement for success to each of her students runs much further than the hours in the studio. She is kind, patient and positive in her teaching and takes the time to ensure that each student gets some individual attention to learn the proper technique of each movement. We highly recommend her!
Jenny R., Prairie Grove
Ms. Eliese is such a wonderful teacher! Her studio provides true ballet instructions that allows children to safely and properly learn the art of the dance.
Lianna B., Fayetteville
My daughter is having so much fun and learning so much about dance at the same time. Not to mention Ms. Eliese is SO patient with the girls.
Kimberly H., Fayetteville
Eliese is very talented and knowledgeable of dance! Her studio is beautiful, and her classes are so much fun!
Jordan W., Fayetteville
We are brand new to Dance by Eliese, but so far we absolutely love it. Eliese couldn't be anymore kind or patient. She has been awesome to work with during the registration process and is so well organized. We are looking forward to a wonderful year of ballet!
Sarah K., Fayetteville
We LOVE Eliese, and the program she is building is top notch!
Lesha S., Fayetteville
We had a great experience last year with Ms. Eliese! She has great control of her classes, focuses on technique, and is very organized!
Suzanne C., Prairie Grove
Eliese has been wonderful! She has answered all of our questions and is super responsive to a first time dancer and mom. Can't wait to see my little dancer grow!!
Carrie H., Fayetteville
Ms. Eliese is so sweet! And from what I can tell from one trial class, she is very good with kids. We are excited to get started with ballet and may add other classes as we go as well!
Anita W., Farmington
Dance by Eliese is by far the best studio I've ever danced at. Eliese is so dedicated to her students and she knows that every dancer is different, with different goals and aspirations. She has helped me become a strong dancer and has brought the joy of dance back into my life.
Cassie W., Fayetteville
My fiance and I just had our first dance lesson with Eliese and she was WONDERFUL!!! I can not wait to finish our classes! She is going to be the reason our wedding rocks so hard! Thank you so much!!!
Jessica T., Fayetteville

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