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The Cecchetti Council of America

The Cecchetti Council of America is an organization dedicated to maintaining the standards and method of ballet training established by Cavlier Enrico Cecchetti. The organization uses his teachings and writings in a sequence of grades, carefully measured as to a degree of difficulty and physical development. As an educational organization, the CCA mentors member teachers with the purpose of raising the standard of ballet teaching throughout the United States. The Cecchetti Council of America holds examinations in classical ballet for students and teachers who are training in the Cecchetti method. The Syllabus tests the technical and artistic accomplishments of student candidates who have been prepared by member teachers. It offers students an opportunity to demonstrate their technical ability and understanding of the material. Each level provides attainable goals that build self-confidence in their developmental progress and successful achievements.

Early Childhood Development

The CCA offers three pre-syllabus examinations for younger children, ages 5 – 9, that will develop poise and musicality in a fun and creative environment. The Primary One, Two, and Three syllabus instills the love of dance and allows for creative expression. The teacher directs and leads the students during the examination. A teacher must hold the Grade I Teaching Certificate in order to present students at this level.

Grade I and II Syllabus

For students on a more serious track, the two lower student grades will develop proper placement of torso, hips, and legs without exceeding anatomical limitations. The coordination of arms and head are developed with a concentration on smooth transitions throughout the exercises.

Grade III and IV Syllabus

A more mature sense of musicality and quality of movement is emphasized in the third and fourth levels. Students develop strength and stability in the demonstration of the pirouettes and grand allegro. Suppleness and smooth graceful movements are developed in these levels along with the coordination of head, arms, legs, and body. Students present a one-minute dance for the Grade IV examination demonstrating the ability to perform through unset movements. The dance provides teachers the opportunity to help develop the student’s awareness of choreographic concepts.

Professional Examinations

Elementary Syllabus marks the beginning of the professional level examinations and links the student to the final three professional levels that demonstrate Maestro Enrico Cecchetti’s work. It provides a culmination of the material in the graded work, demonstrating a mature and professional approach. In addition to adages and pirouettes that prepare the student for the more advanced levels, pointe work and the execution of beats are demonstrated in this syllabus.

 Information cited from The Cecchetti Council of America. For more information on the Cecchetti Method of Ballet, please visit the Official Website of the Cecchetti Council of America, referenced below.

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Southwest Committee of CCA

Cecchetti trained teachers at DANCE by Eliese are proud members of the Southwest Committee of Cecchetti Council of America. The Southwest Committee spans Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas. For more information about this local chapter of CCA, visit Southwest CCA


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